Friday, October 9, 2015

Lasagna Night!

I love to make my yummy lasagna in the Fall!  In fact my family loves the lasagna so much that I always make two of them, one to serve and one to freeze for another day!

I also buy the disposable pans to make them in so I don't have to worry about the clean up!!  Yay!

Makes 2 casserole size lasagnas.

1 lb. ground Beef
1 lb. ground Italian Sausage
1 tbsp Olive Oil
1 medium Onion, chopped
Salt & Pepper to taste
Garlic Powder
Italian Seasoning
3 Jars Prepared Spaghetti Sauce (I like Traditional Flavored)
8 oz. Ricotta Cheese
4 cups Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
8 oz Parmesan Cheese
1 Package Lasagna Noodles

In a skillet heat the Olive Oil, saute the chopped onion.  When the onion is translucent, add the ground beef and the Italian Sausage and Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder and Italian Seasoning and brown.  Drain, and set aside.

Prepare the Lasagna Noodles according to the package.  Set aside.

Spread a little Spaghetti Sauce in the bottom of each of the casserole pans.  Lay Lasagna Noodles to cover the bottom of the pans.  Sprinkle the Meat Mixture over the noodles, spoon rounded spoonfuls of the Ricotta cheese in about 5 - 6 spots over the noodles, spoon the Spaghetti Sauce over the mixture, sprinkle the Mozzarella cheese over the mixture, sprinkle the Parmesan cheese over the mixture.  Lay another layer of the noodles over the whole pan, and then repeat the entire process again.

If your pans are very high, then you can do three layers, but most pans can only fit 2 layers.  It will cook down, but it will also be very saucy!

Cover the pans with Tin Foil and put one in the oven at 350 degrees for 1 hour.  Wrap the other pan in plastic wrap and store in your freezer.  (It will need to cook for an additional 30 minutes, since it will be frozen.)  Take the tin foil off for the last 15 minutes.

I love to serve it with a Caesar Salad and Garlic bread!

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