Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Day of School!

It is the first day of school for both my public school kids and my Homeschool kids.  I thought it would be easiest for me if we kept on the same schedule.  I blogged about our first day of school on my Homeschool Blog here.

We had a really fun weekend, I especially enjoyed Sunday because it was my birthday!  Yes, I am 31...again!

This is my birthday brownie the girls made me.  My son Randy came over for dinner and I made Italian sausages with onions and green peppers, Yummy!

On Monday we were invited to my friend Nancy's house.  She laid out a feast for the girls and I, including pizza, chips and dip, brownies, lemon squares and four different kinds of sherbet!

Then we went down to her basement to watch a movie.  They actually have a movie theater in their basement!  With actual movie seats...that recline...and have cup holders!!  It was too awesome!  I could barely get the girls to leave when the movie was over!

And as if all that wasn't enough...on Tuesday we were invited over to my friend Ruby's farm.  It is in Garnett, KS about an hour from us.  Ruby is such a blessing, she has four children and she and her husband attend our church.  Yes, folks, they drive over an hour every Sunday to get to worship with us!!  So Ruby told me she was going to make applesauce and asked if we wanted to come out and make some for our family too!  Of course I said yes!  Every time Ruby brings her applesauce to our fellowship meal after service, my children practically inhale it and since that is just slightly embarassing, I thought it might be a good idea for me to learn how to make it too!

Ruby picked up several boxes of Gala & Golden Delicious Apples.  We used the Gala for our applesauce, we washed, and cored and sliced them, then put everything, even the core, into a big pot and boiled them.  Then Ruby showed us how to pour them into this contraption which separates the skin, seeds and other bits from the pulp and juice!  It was like magic!

Madyson and Mackenzie and Katy took turns turning the handle and I filled the jars.

 I canned 24 quarts of this liquid gold!  It is so sweet and wonderful.  Next time we are going to make cinnamon applesauce.  I think this will last us a couple of weeks!

What a fun week leading up to today and the first day of school!

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