Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ballet Class

Mackenzie has her Ballet class on Wednesdays after school. She was originally in a Creative Movement class for 4-6 year olds. But most of the children in the class were only 4 and not always cooperative. Mackenzie really takes this seriously, she loves to dance! So I asked the school's director if she could move up to the Beginning Ballet class, it is for 7-10 year olds and she was almost 6. She said it would be too old for her, that she might not be able to keep up with them and might lose focus and disrupt the class! "" I said, "You don't know how determined my daughter is. Just let her have a chance in the class, one time. See if she can dance like the rest of them."

So they let her dance with the older class for one night. And both the Director and the Teacher, Miss Laura said she is totally ready for this class!! They were really impressed with her focus and her attitude! That's my Mackenzie!

She also loves learning all of the words in French. She said she wants to be "en point", I told her she will have to wait a few years for that!

Mackenzie practices a lot! She wants me to put a mirror and a ballet barre in the basement so she can practice at home too! Maybe I will...
Oh yeah...these pictures were taken with my brand spanking new digital camera!!! I got a Canon PowerShot A590 IS yesterday! It is awesome! I love being able to take pictures and upload them right away. It is a lot easier than running the film up to WalMart every week or so, and cheaper too! But it takes so long for the picture to take, I will still have to use my Nikon 35mm for my best pictures of the baby, the digital keeps missing her smile!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Missing October

Okay, have you ever looked up from your busy life and noticed that you are missing something? Well, apparently I am missing the whole month of October! Where did it go...I have no idea!

So here is my October Top 10!

1. Rehearsals for The Wizard for Oz are going great! Both Katy and Mackenzie are having a fun time and have pretty much mastered all the dance steps, already having the music memorized before they even auditioned for the show!

2. Ava Marie is still working on the walking skill! She cruises around all of our furniture, grabbing onto any legs or knees she can find. She can stand upright without holding onto anything, but I don't think she realizes that yet.

3. We took the picture for the Baptism Announcement. Aunt Leslie took the photograph as she is our resident professional! It is awesome, and I will post some of the proofs later.

4. I made Katy's Halloween costume this year. I was working on the costumes for Wizard of Oz, and I got to make a jacket for an Ozian. I loved the pattern, so I got it and some fabric and decided to make Katy's "Pretty Witch" costume. It went really well, and now I will be completing all of these jackets because I have this pattern memorized! Katy looked so beautiful! And Mackenzie or Madyson will probably wear this costume in the next year or two.

5. Mackenzie was Dorothy, Madyson was a Pink Princess and Ava Marie was a Daisy Flower for halloween.

6. We still have NOT been called with a new baby!! I am really getting anxious about this. But I just try to be patient and pray about it a lot!! God has a plan and He knows when the timing will be right! I just wish it was right now!!

7. I have been to the Children's dentist 7 times in the month of October!! I should have my own chair in their lobby, with a Starbucks coffee waiting for me!

8. I am the Co-Head Room Parent in Mackenzie's Kindergarten class. So I was in charge of organizing the Fall (Halloween) Party for her class. It was so much fun! The kids got dressed in their costumes at the end of the day. Then the principal, who dressed as Cruella Duville, lead the whole school starting with the Kindergartners in a parade throughout the halls and into the Gymnasium and back out into the halls! It was so much fun to watch. Then the kids came back to have their party, we made Spider Trick-or-Treating bags, played Musical Chairs, ate lots of goodies and took a class picture! Lots of fun!

9. Our family attended a lot of Halloween parties this year. Many of our friends had some great parties, especially our friends Wendy and Louis Orlando, who had a family party at their nightclub Orlando's. WOW!! My girls loved dancing on their dancefloor, with all of the lights and the great music! Wendy had all of the kids out on the floor and played a lot of games with them, including Musical Chairs that Katy almost won!! And the food was terrific! We are so lucky to have such great friends and to be able to enjoy ourselves!

10. Mackenzie turned 6 at the end of October! She had a fun family party on her actual birthday. Mackenzie chose Hamburger Macaroni & Cheese as her birthday supper! I made her a Butter Yellow and Chocolate Marble cake with Pink Strawberry Icing and lots of pink and purple sprinkles on it! Then we had her Big Party on Saturday! We had 30 children in attendance including her sisters! WOW! What a fun day! Mackenzie really enjoyed her birthday and loved sharing all of the fun with her family and friends! Love you my little red froggy!

Well that was October in a nutshell! I promise I will be better at posting this month. There is lots to talk about!