Thursday, April 3, 2014

Throwback Thursday!!

Katy 7, Madyson 2, and Mackenzie 3

October 5, 2006

   We traveled out to California for my cousin's wedding in Three Rivers, CA.  It is a beautiful area just at the gateway to the Sequoia National Forest.  My cousin Dennis and his wife own an Inn there and the whole family came and stayed together.

Randy joined us and the wedding was actually at the top of a very large mountain, on an extremely large rock!  Madyson is kind of mad because we did not want her to run around on the rock.  
It's a long way down!

The beautiful bride.

My niece, Courtney, played her violin so sweetly.

   We actually all got pretty sick right after the ceremony.  I think it may have had something to do with altitude sickness.  We just don't have mountains like this in Kansas!

  The reception was in a restaurant just down the street from the Inn.  Some of my wonderful cousins came over and helped watch the girls so I could slip down to the reception for a few minutes.  But I couldn't stay long because I was pretty queasy still.

I love this picture of the kids with my Mom.  We took it in the morning before we left.

And here is Madyson, feeding her cereal addiction!
I guess she felt better!