Our Story

The story of our family begins with the dreams of a little girl who told all of her friends and family that one day she would adopt a LOT of children!  I was about 13 at the time, and I naively thought that I would meet Mr. Right and we would sail off together and have that wonderful large family I had always dreamed of.

Only it didn't exactly work out the way I had dreamed it would...does it ever?

Mr. Right never came, though I waited and waited.  In fact I waited so long I thought maybe it was too late! But Mr. Right had been waiting for me too, only He was a whole lot different than I had imagined, and He was oh so patient, waiting for me, searching for me and loving me even when I hardly recognized my own need for Him.

Our Lord loved me through it all, and even though I thought my dreams would never happen, His dreams for me were even better.  He lead me to this place, to where I am in my life.

In 1999 my son Randy and I drove from San Diego, California to Overland Park, Kansas to start our new life here in the Midwest.  Randy started High School here and when he graduated he moved about 30 minutes away to attend college at the University of Kansas.

After living alone for almost a year, I felt God calling me to do something daring...as a single woman I started to research adoption through foster care.  In 2004 my daughters Katy and Madyson were placed with me.  In 2005 my daughter Mackenzie came to our home and in 2007, my daughter Ava Marie was placed with us.  We have been so blessed to grow this family through prayer and God's blessings.

In January 2012, when I was trying to reconcile myself to the fact that maybe God did not have any more children for our family, another miracle happened and we met a birth mom who wanted to place her infant twin boys with us.  I don't know why I am so surprised, God is always right there asking me to stretch myself again and again.

I used to be afraid.  I used to ask why me God?  But now, when I hear God's word and I know something new is coming around for us...I just laugh and dance!  Because I know it will be wonderful!

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