Monday, September 20, 2010

Birthday donuts & hula hoops!

I am trying to cool off right now. It is so hot here today. It's supposed to get into the 90's and then be in the low 70's next weekend. I'll bet we will be well into Fall weather by October. I hope so, I don't enjoy warm weather in the fall. Too much layering when it is cold in the morning and then hot in the late afternoon.

Today we celebrated Madyson Claire's teachers birthday. Mr Bellamy was not in the classroom on Friday for his "real" birthday so we decided to go ahead and celebrate today instead. I am the Head Room Parent for that class, so I sent out an email and asked all the parents to have their children make cards for him. I went up to school a little while ago with some goodies for the kids to celebrate with. I got a football shaped donut for the teacher and a bunch of donut holes for the kids!

When I walked onto the school entry one of my friends, who works there, pulled me aside and said, " I have Madyson in the office." My Madyson? You've got to be kidding! You see my Madyson is always the good girl. She is quiet and never gets into any trouble...well not at school. Apparently she was playing Hula Hoop with one of her best friends, a little boy named Kashic, and it was her turn but he didn't want to give her the hula hoop, and recess was almost over, so she took it from him and knocked him over. Now she is tall, but barely weighs anything. Kashic is actually taller than her, but very thin also. He fell into the wall and has a cut above his eyebrow.

Oh I hate that they fought, and that she hurt someone. She is very caught up in things being fair right now. She works very hard to make sure everything is fair for everyone...but doesn't know how to handle it when others won't cooperate. Usually she is working with her own sisters, but once in a while friends bear the brunt of her philosophy in fairness! I am really hoping this little boy doesn't require stitches.

Madyson, you are so sweet...but so stubborn. Where does that come from? Being a middle child? Not being held for your first 4 months? She loves me to rock her, and I have heard great things about rocking a child, that it is a form of attachment therapy. We, Madyson Claire and I have rocked around the world a couple of times now. And I guess we are still not there, wherever there is. Wherever we have to go for this little bitty thing to feel whole. I love you Madyson Claire, I know you didn't mean to hurt anyone.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's a lazy Saturday

And even though I have a list of things that need to be done,here I am on my computer hopping around from blog to blog. Have you ever noticed that when you read other people's blogs and they have a long list of things they have accomplished, that it makes you feel tired? Like you have been working hard too!? Is it just me?

It's a very sunny day outside and the girls were up around 8am this morning, so after a breakfast of waffles, bananas and orange juice I practically threw them out the door and said "Go play!" I have no idea when the weather will start to get cold again, so I want to take advantage of the opportunity to get them outdoors.

Well here it is about an hour later, and they are all in the basement playing dolls. Great! Ava Marie is crying right now because someone took something away from her...can you say NAP? I need to make them a quick lunch and get her down to sleep. And try to get the other girls to go back outside.

We don't have any other plans for today. I have some laundry, need to sweep out the garage, I really need to pick up my own room, so many clothes piling up on the is where I stack the things that they grow out of during the year. Then I try to take the time to organize the stacks and put them back into the tubs I keep in the basement.

Okay, lunch now. Leftover pizza, apples and oranges and milk. Maybe some cookies for after.