Friday, December 16, 2011

I almost made it...

I almost went through the entire 2011 without making a new post!

No, I did not do that on purpose exactly. It's just that when I do find the time to sit down at the computer I am either (1) working or (2) reading someone else's blog!

So I am all caught up with work and reading, thought I would dash off a quick post.

We are having a movie night, at least the girls are. I am baking and writing Christmas cards. I can't believe I haven't gotten mine out yet!

I sometimes don't even know why I bother with the card thing anymore. It seems like hardly anyone sends them anymore. I send out over 150 each year. And I only get about 20! Don't you think that anyone who gets a card from me should send me one? I mean it's only fair!

My Mom sends out about 35 and she gets a lot more than that! How is that fair?! I told her last year I was going to put an extra note in mine that said if you don't send me a card this year I will take you off my list! But my Mom said that would definitely NOT be in the Christmas spirit. Okay Mom, you're right.

But I love planning my cards and taking the picture and writing the letter. Not one of those braggy, my-kid-is-better-than-your-kid letters. I really work hard to make sure that my letter is warm and friendly with a little bit of news and a lot of sentiment.

Oh well, I guess as long as I enjoy sending them, I won't make a big deal about the ones I don't get. Maybe I'll share the ones I did get on here. That could be nice.