Monday, May 7, 2012

Exciting Weekend!

WOW!  What a weekend!  We started it off on Friday night with the big news about our twin baby boys!  Yea!  After we got off the Skype with our birthmom I realized it was almost 9:30pm and we had not had dinner yet!  OOps!  So I took the girls out to Jose Peppers to celebrate!  They close at 11 on Fridays and we basically closed them down!  The girls all wanted nachos so we basically had chips, salsa, espinaca, chips, chicken, and more chips!  Such a healthy meal!

On Saturday morning we got up and the girls and I were still so excited about the news, it was about all we could talk about!  They wanted to go shopping and start picking out little boy outfits X2!  Of course I wanted to do the same thing, who do you think they got their shopping gene from?  But we had some work to get done first!  So we had a healthy breakfast, strawberries, apples, eggs and toast.  And then we got some of our chores done and then headed out to Target to "look" at some baby things.

Yeah, right!  We looked at baby things going into our cart and into our shopping bags!  We didn't really buy very much.  Just one outfit apiece and a couple of blankets.  Mostly we just looked at what we like and talked about what else we might need.

I have so much!  But it is all pink!  I have this really awesome swing, it swings both backward and forward and then it also swings side to side.  It is a plug-in so you don't have to worry about batteries, and it has lights and music.  I got it when Ava Marie was a baby and she loved it.  It has a laying down position and a sitting up position for when they are older.  Aidan did not like it, but other babies have.  But it is all pink and butterflies and flowers.  It is really sweet, but not the right thing for boys.

Now my Mother says it does not matter since baby boys can not tell what color it is.  But you know how many pictures you take when they are little.  I just don't want my sons to see themselves in all this pink stuff!  So the swing, otherwise known in our house as the "pink cloud" will have to be given away.  One of the ladies in our Home Church is about ready to have a baby and we are all waiting to see what it is, maybe she would like it!

So, Saturday night we went to a salad place and had all you can eat salads, my girls are such salad eaters!  And talked about...well you know, the babies!

Sunday we had church at one of our members homes.  We go to a Family Integrated Church that usually meets at a local hotel right down the road from us.  But every once in a while we meet at a members home, which I love!  It just makes it so homey and comfortable.  Then we had our fellowship meal which I also love!

After church we headed to rehearsals at Miller Marley for Mackenzie and Katy.  The girls have a big Dance Show in June at the Music Hall in Downtown KC that they are preparing for.  After Mackenzie was finished, Katy's group still had another hour, so we headed quickly for Costco to pick up milk and bread and strawberries!

Then we came home and the girls wanted to play outside for a little while.  It was about 6pm, so I said they could play while I got a quick dinner started.  I was just pulling out the pots to boil water for pasta when I started to hear a lot of thunder and see a lot of lightning!!  I mean, a LOT!  I walked into the garage to make sure the girls were not standing out in it and they were in the garage watching outside, I could see a lot of the neighbors in their garages watching out also.  Then the Tornado sirens started going off!  We didn't wait around too long after that.  We closed the garage doors, then grabbed the dogs leach and our tennis shoes and headed for the basement.

We have a spot cleared out in the southwest corner under our breakfast area.  We have a carpet down and blankets, water, flashlight and videos in case we are down there very long.  My son Randy called to make sure we were safe.  He said the news had shown a large funnel starting to form, but had not dropped down to the ground yet.  It was about 5 miles away.  Another friend called to check up on us.  She said the news was reporting that a funnel had touched down in Gardner and was heading in our direction.  At that point, I wanted to see the news for myself, so I sent Katy, my fastest runner upstairs to bring down both computers, which we should have grabbed in the first place.  After about 45 minutes they said Olathe was in the clear but to keep watching during the night.

The rest of the night was pretty uneventful.  I finished  up dinner, no one got a bath because we continued to have lightning.  We watched the final episode of The Amazing Race and were happy with the winners of that race.  And then we went to bed, me included.  Only 2 and a half weeks of school left for Mackenzie and Madyson.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

And the Twins are....

Before I go into the big reveal...

I have to tell you what has transpired in the last week.  Katy and I have been doing some serious planning and shopping.  We made meals that we froze ahead of time, made lists of the girls outfits for my son to read so he can just hand them clothes.  I was even thinking of putting each girls outfit for each day in a gallon ziplock bag and labeling it.  I want NO drama while I am gone!  I just want to be prepared.

So, we have been working to get this all done so Katy and I can fly away to meet the birthmom and go to the doctors with her and spend time with her, etc.  Well, last Sunday she had to go to the emergency room, she had some bleeding and was worried.  Everything is fine, she had a sonogram and the twins are fine and healthy and the doctor said they are growing great and big!

So she texts me that she is fine but she happened to study the sonogram and was able to discuss with the Tech what the sexes are.  So she has been teasing me all week about this and really driving me crazy because I just want to know!!!

Then yesterday my wonderful son calls me to let me know he has an interview for a new job...and by the way he got the job and they asked him when he can start and he tells them right away!  Aren't I happy for him??!!  NO!!  I remind him that he is supposed to stay with the kids next week, "Oooops!"  He says!  What?

So we had to cancel , or should I say reschedule our trip out there until June, because my Mom will be here in June for 2 weeks, for the girls Dance Show.  So she suggested we just go then instead.

So I call the birthmom and tell her we won't be coming out there until June and she suggests we Skype so she can give us the surprise of what the sexes are now!!  So we did!  It was so much fun!!  Here are the girls waiting for her Skype to call us.  I guess Ava Marie was not as excited as the rest of them.

So all I have to say is that I am really excited, I have been waiting to find out what we are having so I can start to plan...which for me is the really fun part!!  And also so I can start picturing their little faces and to pray for them by name.  Oh I am so blessed!  So here is a little picture from pinterest to let you know that....

We're having twin BOYS!!!!!

Can you believe it?!  In my pretty pink world we will now have twice the testosterone!  And we are all thrilled!  And the best part...I have nothing!  I will need so much!  Except the double stroller, I actually already have one of those, but otherwise we will be on the hunt for everything from clothes to a new baby bathtub.  Yes, folks, I have a bright pink bathtub!  I think it is time to start the shopping!!