Saturday, October 7, 2017

Homeschool Family Camp 2017

The favorite event of the year for our family is Homeschool Family Camp at Village Creek Bible Church in Lansing, Iowa.  This is our 4th year going to camp and we look forward to it every year!

The accommodations are rustic, but that just adds to the fun!
And we were lucky this year to get a private bathroom with a bathtub!!
That really helps, because our boys have a lot of fun get very dirty!!

Our favorite part of Family Camp is seeing all of our friends that we have become so close to over the years!  And also making new ones each year!

Beckham made a very special friend with Micah.  In fact he kind of spent most of camp with the Martin family!!  I was worried he wouldn't want to come home with us! 

There are so many activities to be a part of!!

The daily Ladies time is such a blessing and encouragement yo us all.

Beckham couldn't get over the abundance of seashells in the sand on the playground!

Our friend Sue brought out her kittens and puppies!  Oh so sweet!

Of course there is always Volleyball!

All the kids and even some of the Fathers love playing the Mighty, Mighty Scoop Noodle Challenge!

This was by far the biggest group of players ever!!

In fact this was the largest group of families to ever be at Family Camp!
So starting next year they will add another week long Family Camp!
This is such exciting news....but now we have to pick a week!!