Friday, January 1, 2010

Sledding on New Years Eve Day

We love to go sledding when there is enough snow and lately there has been so much, every couple of days we get another 2 inches, and it is so cold that it just stays. We're really lucky that there is a great hill down the road to the side of the Lowes store. I just park in the lot and the girls climb the hill and sled down!

I took this picture from the warmth of my car! That is Katy and her friend in the lower left corner on their way down.

I think it was around 16 degrees, and if you factor in the windchill, maybe about 5 degrees! But the sun was shining and the girls have so much fun here.

Another picture from my car. Madyson and Ava are in the car with me watching a movie, they are too smart to be out in this cold air.

I told Mackenzie to wait a minute so I could get a picture of her red cheeks...please hurry up mom!

I had to ask Katy to keep her teeth from chattering for this one! Then it was back in the car and back home quickly to warm up and get ready for our party!

More pics from New Years Eve

We all got dressed up in our fancy dresses! Above from Left: Katy, Alexa (friend), Mackenzie, Madyson and Ava Marie.

I did eye makeup and blush and lipstick on everyone. Even Ava wanted to try some.

Mackenzie takes the business of beauty very seriously!

All of my beautiful girls.

I did all appetizers so it would feel like a real party!

Pics from last nights festivites

Madyson helping herself to some crackers and Brie.

Mackenzie was trying not to take too much!

The girls kept toasting each other with their apple juice. They loved drinking out of these champagne flutes.

Ava Marie crashed right when we were sitting down to eat. I let her sleep about 20 minutes and then woke her back up...I didn;t want her to miss too much!

We got into pj's and watched a bit of the movie Babe. Ava Marie was so tired, so we paused the movie and did a quick countdown! It is about 8:30 here.