Friday, February 19, 2010

We're well into tax season

and things are going really well. This is the first year that I've allowed the girls to do a show during the Spring. Katy, Mackenzie and Madyson all auditioned for Cinderella and they all got a part! It isn't easy to run them back and forth to lessons, rehearsals and all and keep up with all of my business clients, but it is manageable. I just have to stay really, really organized and not slack off for anything! Which I admit isn't always easy.

Since it is Friday I took a few hours this morning to get caught up on some of my chores that needed to be done. We were out until 8:30pm last night while Katy and Mackenzie had rehearsals for Showtime which is a touring variety show they are in. Really cute! They are showcasing The Wizard of Oz, WICKED! and The Wiz. These are big favorites in our house so we couldn't miss the opportunity. I am always amazed at the awesome theater and dance opportunities that our city has to offer. I mean, who would have thought there would be this much in the middle of the country! I'll bet people on the West and East coast would be truly amazed, and also be awed by the amount of talent out here!

One of the girls we know has just been cast as the daughter of Katherine Zeta Jones and the granddaughter of Angela Lansbury in A Little Night Music on Broadway! She was right here in KC, taking classes, doing shows and just soaking it all up like my girls and she was asked to audition for the part in New York. It just goes to show you that you do not have to move across the country, give up everything you know and hang around LA or New York to be recognized in the acting community. Most would be better off staying in school, getting an education, working on their art and getting as much experience in local shows as they can.

Did I mention it is snowing...again!? Yes, and I still like it, but I have to admit I am ready for it to be warm again. I have had to wash the girls winter coats so many times this year. In fact, Madyson's zipper on her coat broke and we had to find another one in our stash to get her through the rest of the winter. Fortunately I had one that still fit her, it doesn't have a hood, but she has a nice hat.

So I'd better get back to work, since it is around 11am now. Numbers, numbers, numbers.