Sunday, August 10, 2008

And still more summer pictures!

These were those beautiful Lilly Pulitzer dresses. The girls wore them to Starlight for High School Musical.
Madysons hair has now been combed, AGAIN, and braided. If we didn't swim twice a day everyday, this would last for about 2-3 weeks!

All the girls here for Katy's birthday sleepover.

Our family celebration on her actual birthdate. Her cake is chocolate and butter yellow marble with milk-chocolate frosting and we served it with fresh strawberry ice cream. My children also get to ask for their favorite dinner, Katy asked for spaghetti with meat sauce, green beans and garlic bread!


Mommy Matters said...

What a bunch a pretty girls! You have a wonderful family.

Anonymous said...

:) Love how you say your home is 'homegrown' lol
I would love to adopt a little girl one day