Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Eve Gala at The Ritz Charles

Our whole family attended the New Year's Eve Gala put on by The Culture House. It was wonderful! The theme was "The Golden Age of Hollywood" which is perfect for all of the talented kids and families there! This is our table setting, and the gold thing on the red napkin is a little chocolate Oscar! So clever!
All of the Werner girls were dressed in the beautiful Chiristmas dresses. Chocolate Brown with Pink Rose skirts. And the girls also wore their new full length capes that my mother Olivia made for them. They looked so cute!

Here is my mother Olivia on the right and my Aunt Marianne on the left. They flew out from California to spend the Holidays with us.

The girls and I in the lobby of the Ritz Charles. You probably can not see it fully, but even the baby has a matching cape...and yes, the American Girl dolls are also wearing matching capes!! My mother went all out this Christmas!

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