Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday, Monday

Oh I can not believe it is already August! This summer is going too too fast! I love August, since it is my Birthday month. But I am not ready for it yet. I feel like we have barely scratched the surface of summer.

And what happened to July? We got back from San Diego just in time to celebrate Madyson's 5th Birthday. Just a small family party since we had officially celebrated it in Disneyland with all of our extended family.

July 4th was a fun at home with our friend Lorraine and her daughter Olivia. We walked in the Arbor Creek Parade, had popsicles, swam in the pool and ate watermelon! I also made the cute 4th of July dessert on the front of Martha Stewart Living, including the Cookie Spoons! It was easy and delicious!

Katy celebrated her 10th Birthday with a big Party. We had 12 of her friends join us for dinner at Chicago Pizzeria, then we went to the movie "G-Force" and topped the night off with a Sleepover! Well, not so much a sleepover as an Up-All-Night-Over! But all of the girls were really well behaved and even the baby had a good time and she and I actually got a couple of hours sleep.

We did our school supply shopping, packed it all in the backpacks and we are ready for "Sneak a Peak" night. We already know Madyson's teacher because there is now only one half day teacher at our school. Katy and Mackenzie are still waiting for the postcard to tell them who their teacher is. That should arrive on the 8th.

We have a couple of friends over today, Kayla and Adriana are here for the day and a sleepover. Yes, I really don't think I have enough girls in my house already!! I needed to go out and find some more! They are really nice, Kayla is 6 and has been Mackenzie's best friend since we had her at the daycare she used to go to. Adriana is her big sister, she is 8 and she and Katy get along really well. Madyson hasn't really had a sleepover friend yet, maybe next year. But she plays with all of them and they all get along well, so it is nice to have them here. We are going to go swimming as soon as I finish with this post.

Angie is with her other family, the one's that are hoping to adopt her. She is staying with them for a week. The father is a teacher and wanted to have time with her before starting back to school. She just loves being with them.

I am looking forward to school starting so I can get myself back on a more predictable schedule. I hate it at the end of the day when you can't even remember if you got everything done or not. I will have Madyson with me in the mornings, she will start her day at 12:30pm. But we did a couple of trial days to make sure it would work, and I think it will be ok. She and I will probably run errands, do a little "homeschool work". And maybe have some playdates too.

Well it's time for the pool. And I have some new pictures to post. Maybe tonight!

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