Friday, January 1, 2010

Pics from last nights festivites

Madyson helping herself to some crackers and Brie.

Mackenzie was trying not to take too much!

The girls kept toasting each other with their apple juice. They loved drinking out of these champagne flutes.

Ava Marie crashed right when we were sitting down to eat. I let her sleep about 20 minutes and then woke her back up...I didn;t want her to miss too much!

We got into pj's and watched a bit of the movie Babe. Ava Marie was so tired, so we paused the movie and did a quick countdown! It is about 8:30 here.

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PenelopeJane said...

The girls are so beautiful! What a fun party -- I love that they eat brie -- how sophisticated! I vote for Champagne flutes EVERY day! Happy New Year!!