Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ava Marie's 4th Birthday

I am really behind on this, Ava Marie's birthday was December 14th! But I am trying to get caught up, so please bear with me here. We had a really fun day with Ava. Oldest sister Katy dressed her and did her hair up.

She arrived at breakfast with these cool sunglasses on.

I'm 4 out!

Ava Marie chose Fritz's Restaurant down at Crown Center. It is a burger joint with all these model trains and train accessories. There is a track up near the ceiling that a train runs on, and it stops just over your table and dumps your food onto a ledge that comes down and slides your food onto your table. It is awesome to watch! Randy joined us for lunch there. Madyson Claire was not there as she was in school.
You call the order in on their phones.

I made a spice cake with fresh cream cheese frosting. Madyson said it was the best cake ever!

Ava got a musical instrument set with a drum, bells, marachas, a tambourine, it was so cute! All the girls loved it!

But the gift she wanted the most was an American Girl Bitty Baby doll. Madyson has the AA one, so Ava got the Asian doll. She asked for black hair, otherwise she didn't care. Madyson's doll is named "Bitty", so Ava Marie's doll needed her own name. She chose "America".

Happy Birthday to my precious girl! You are sweet and sassy. You like to do things on your own, but you are still Mommy's little girl. And even though I tell you every night to stay in your own bed for the night, I never send you away when you creep into my bed at 3 am. I love you!

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