Sunday, July 29, 2012

My 13 year old Princess!

Kathryn Suzanne Werner turned 13 on July 23rd!  I can hardly believe how old she is now.  I remember the first night she came to my home...she was just 5 years old, skinny as can be with a big wide smile!

She was always so pretty and happy and I was thrilled to get to take care of her and Madyson too.  From the start I did not know if this would be forever, but I knew that my Katy girl would forever be in my heart!

I marvel at those wonderful long legs that God has given you!  And those gorgeous eyes!  And I am so grateful for your sensitive and loving heart.  I was so happy to become your forever Mommy in 2007!

Katy is everyone's best friend!  She has a special way with each of her sisters.  She is the leader of our girl group and the first for anyone to turn to if Mom is not available!

You are 5' 9" tall now, you love to dance and praise Jesus!  You use your whole body and your whole heart for anything you do!  You will step in quickly to get anything done that needs to be done and remind your sisters if they are not following the rules.  In honor of your 13th Birthday you have promised to keep yourself pure for whatever God calls you to do in your life and you are excited to wear the beautiful ring Mom gave you in remembrance of that.  I know you will honor Him with your heart and your actions.

Matthew 5:8 "Blessed are the pure of heart, for they will see God."

I love you Katy!  Happy 13th Birthday!

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