Saturday, August 11, 2012

32 Weeks and counting!

Here is the birthmom's beautiful 32 week tummy!  She is a tiny little lady, so she is practically all tummy now!  She says the boys are up til all hours playing and kicking each other!  That is one of her twins with his hand on her tummy, he is so precious.

We are still in Kansas.  I have a class that does not finish up until the 23rd of August, I can leave if i have to, but I'd like to complete that before we drive to North Carolina.  The plan is to leave on Friday the 24th and drive through Nashville to Charlotte.  It is approximately 984 miles and so it will make for a fun family road trip!!

I have been busy around the house...nesting!  Besides sewing the fun receiving blankets in all the bright fabrics we bought, I have also used the scraps to make these cute burp cloths.  You just buy the cloth diapers at WalMart, and then take a strip of the flannel fabric and turn it under, pin it in place down the front of the cloth diaper and sew it down.  It's cute and matches the blankets! (And for some reason the picture makes it look like it's pink!  But it really is not!)

And here is our "Diaper Station" that we set up in the family room.  We got the cute basket at Michael's on sale!  It holds about 60 diapers, the wipe container in it's handy carry basket, and will also hold about 6 receiving blankets.  To the side of it, where there is a stack of diapers right now, I will place a medium size plastic bin that will hold all of their dirty laundry each day.  Our house is large and if you are down in the family room you can't hear anything going on up in my Master bedroom which is on the complete opposite side of the house and upstairs.  So we find it easier to have 2 complete areas that are set up for sleeping, diapering, feeding, etc.

Oh you know I have to be organized!  How else could I keep my sanity with all these kiddos!  And lastly are the new bottles.  I have used the same bottles for the last 5 years!  I decided it was time to buy some new ones.  I was going to use the Dr. Browns, but have you seen what those cost?!  And I need 20!  Now in the past I have used only 3 or 4 bottles per child.  I like the wide mouth so when I am mixing up the formula late at night I don't have to worry about missing the opening and dumping all that expensive formula down the side of the bottle.  But with twins I figure I am going to need a better plan.

So I am going to mix up the formula every morning in a big pitcher and then pour it out into 16 bottles for the day.  I will then put the bottles into the refrigerator and take them out 1/2 hour before feeding time.  I am also putting one of those little dorm refrigerators in my bedroom for a while so I can store their bottles for the nighttime feedings.  Now doesn't that sound organized?!

So because of the sheer number needed, I went with these little Gerber bottles.  When they eat more than 5 ounces, well then we will have to get bigger bottles.  This will be the first time i have not "Fed on demand".  I usually don't like to schedule babies, I have always thought that was kind of like trying to potty train a cat!  I mean, babies will let you know when they are hungry, and they are always growing so their internal schedules are always changing.  But other moms of twins have really been adamant about getting the boys on a schedule.  They have told me if I let them eat just when they want to I will literally be feeding one of them all of the time!  So we will try sticking to a schedule and so I will need a lot of bottles!

I am excited!  I know some of this will work and some will go right out of the window, but I am ready to get started.  Double the load, double the fun!!

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