Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hudson & Beckham's 1st Birthday Smash Cake Photos!

**FYI:  I am the most unorganized Mother in the whole world!!!***

Below are pictures of the boys First Birthday smash cake photoshoot!  Taken in September 2013!!  I wrote this post and then forgot to publish it!!!  

I am weird that way!  


Hudson Charles & Beckham Matthew turned 1 years old on September 2, 2013!  We had a fun family birthday party and barbeque.  The theme was All American Boys!  Because it was, after all, Labor Day!

I will post pictures from that later, but here are pictures taken a few days later with our official photographer Katie Ann Photography!  She did an awesome job and I kind of recreated the original event with a red, white and blue smash cake.

We started out with a few photos of them together just to mark the day.

It was really hot and kind of late in the day but I think the lighting was so terrific!

Hudson was really into it, I think he knew what was coming!  Beckham was a little apprehensive, I know he knew what was coming next!

Then we stripped them down and set the cake in front of them.  This was a couple of days after their actual 1st birthday party, so they had already done the cake thing, but I wanted to get professional pictures done.  Hudson is thinking...I remember this!  And Beckham is thinking...not this again!

Oh yeah...CAKE!!!

Love the colors in this picture!  And their oh so cute, chubby little hands grabbing the frosting!

Hudson couldn't get it in fast enough and needed some help from his brother!

Beckham stayed pretty clean.  Cake is not really his thing...messy is definitely not his thing!

It was a beautiful day and I will always cherish these pictures!

Happy 1st Birthday Hudson Charles and Beckham Matthew!

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