Friday, May 21, 2010

The end of another school year!

We have come to the end of another school year! The kids are excited for summer to be here! Me too!! The Kindergartners had their last day yesterday, Madyson missed it because she was sick, so I took her up today a little early so she could visit with her teacher and say goodbye.

Then we stood in the hallway that goes all the way around the school past all of the other grades and watched as the 6th and 5th graders paraded around several times, high-fiving and hugging all of their younger friends and siblings, then they ran out the front door of the school through a human tunnel made by all of their parents. It was very exciting and moving, so many happy and bittersweet tears! I am happy for their progression, but I am sad that most will be thrown into Middle School and many will lose their way while they are there. I hate middle schools!!

Afterward we went to the park where one of the moms had organized a big picnic for the girls and their friends. They had a fun time and the moms had fun talking to each other about our plans for the summer. Many of our friends will be going on lots of vacations this year. Not us! We are staying put this year, "Camp Werner" I keep telling the girls. We will try to take a long weekend in Branson and go to Silver Dollar City. I am also planning to take them to Chicago in October/November for Mackenzie's 8th birthday. (The Werner Girls official trek to American Girl Place for our first official doll.) I make them wait until they are 8 years old for a real one! Until then they play with a Target version. (They don't really know the difference until right before they turn 8...I swear!)

The girls are being really sweet right now, raking up the cut grass and bagging it for me. They want to set up the slip and slide and get this summer party started!! Tonight we are going to a graduation party for one of our church friends son. I am looking forward to a fun evening with everyone.

Aidan is doing great!! He is eating so much, and smiling and giggling a lot. We are really enjoying him. Hoping he gets to stay a long forever! But you never know.

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