Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's A Boy!

Yes, you heard it right folks! We have a new little baby boy! Pictures will follow when I can release them. We have had 5 month old baby Aidan for 2 weeks. He is adorable and all the girls are in love...including me!

Aidan was born 2 1/2 months premature, so he is really little. He has only just hit 10 pounds. But he is very alert and doing exceptionally well. I wasn't really thinking boy, as you know I have always felt that I was more prepared to parent girls, even though I did a pretty good job with my son Randy. But being a single Mom to a very sporty guy was hard at times...not for me, but for him. But then they called me with this cute little guy and something just made me say "Yes!".

He did have to spend his first night with us in a pretty pink sleeper! But the next morning my Mom and I went to Target and picked up a lot of blue stuff! He is still in newborn sizes, but he's gaining and I think he will grow pretty fast now.

As usual we have no idea how long we will have him. I am pretty confident he will be here for at least a few months. And then the rest is up to God. But I love his name and his beautiful eyes.

I'll update again later, lots to tell about in other areas also!!

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