Friday, February 8, 2013

Mackenzie's 10th Birthday

On October 29th Mackenzie turned 10 years old!  We had decided earlier in the year that she could get her ears pierced for this birthday.  She was so excited and of course, all sisters were there to help make it go smoothly!

We started the day off by sending her to school for a half day.  She took donuts with her to share with her class and some special teachers.  Then I picked her up and we went to lunch, just the two of us, to Panera Bread.  Mackenzie felt very special as we shared some thoughts about her day and what she dreamed of in her future.

Then we went back home and waited for Madyson to get home from school.  Then we all headed for the big mall!

We decided to get her ears pierced at Claire's because they charge just one price and it includes the earrings and also the cleaner for your ears.  Also they give you a cute little instruction kit and a place for Mackenzie to write down each time she cleaned her ears.  She loved this whole set!

She decided to have them do both sides at the same time.  I am so glad because she has a very low pain tolerance and I think if she had them do one ear at a time she would only have one ear done to this day!  Katy is standing in front of her holding her hands.  I, of course, am taking pictures!

 Moment of impact!

Yea!  Looks great!

Thanks for holding my hands Katy!

My beautiful girl!  10 years old and beautiful!  She was so proud of herself and has continued to take very good care of her ears.  Happy Birthday my sweet, but fiery red-headed princess!

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Jeanna said...

Happy birthday! wow- lo e the pictures, they tell it all! How crazy is this... my 10 year old's bday is 10/27.... nuts!