Thursday, January 8, 2015

Werner's Weekly - January 2015 Week #1

Happy New Year's 2015

We are off to a wonderful start and I am going to document the year with a daily photo!  This week is also really cold!  So most everything we did was indoors!

Day #1: We started the new year off right with a great haircut for Hudson and Beckham!  Such handsome faces!

Day #2: Did I mention how cold it is here?  We needed a place to run the wiggles out of everyone!  So Grandma and I loaded the kids up for Monkey Bizness!

Day #3: Katy & Mackenzie are performing in 42nd Street at Avila College.  The show is really heavy in Tap Dancing and most of the kids came from our studio Miller Marley!  In the middle of the picture is their teacher Shirley Marley...she is 78 years young and still tapping daily!

Day #4: Madyson and Grandma spent Grandma's last night in Kansas cuddling on the couch and watching the premiere of Downton Abbey's 5th Season!  ( I cheated and have already watched it on ITV Streaming!  My bad!)

Day #5: Sorry about this one, I can not get it to turn the correct way!  This is my best friend Autumn and I out for brunch!  Part of my New Year's goals are to spend more time in person with my favorite people...not just texting and pm'ing!

Day #6:  Sorry again, I have got to figure this out!!  Did I mention how cold it is here?!  Today started out at 7 degrees with a wind chill of -13!!  Even my warmest, wear-shorts-and-no-shoes in winter girl needed to wear a coat and lo and behold her coat didn't fit her.  (She truly had NOT put it on all this winter!)  So we headed over to Burlington to see if we could find her something and this is it!!  I love how the black fur really highlights her red hair!!

Day #7:  Look who are getting tall enough to reach the railing while they walk downstairs!!  They started out going down on their tummys, then their bottoms, then holding to the they can walk down like Big Boys!

And I couldn't resist this last one..................

The END.

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