Thursday, October 29, 2015

Celebrating My Beautiful Mackenzie!

Today Mackenzie is 13 years old!!!

There are so many wonderful things going for this talented girl!  She is smart, determined, helpful, a great cook, and thoughtful in so many ways.  

Mackenzie has always been a fire-cracker!  She speaks her mind and likes to plan everything out!  Sometimes, as the Mom I have to reign her in a bit, but when you just let her take the lead, she will run with it and make things happen!  I see big things in her future!!

She wants to continue to perform and is looking forward to auditioning for teenager roles now!  She has an incredible voice and really awesome stage presence.  I wouldn't be surprised if we see her on Broadway someday!

Last Friday we celebrated Mackenzie's birthday with a sleepover with a few of her sweet friends!  We ate pizza, watched a few movies and the girls also played flashlight tag outside in the dark with a few neighbor kids!  And of course we kept up on our ROYALS!  

Having such good friends is so important!  And Mackenzie is a good friend to others as well!  She is so thoughtful, it's no wonder these two love her!  (By the way, Mackenzie made the "FALL" garland hanging above her head!  So cute!  See, that girl is TALENTED!!)

Happy 13th Birthday to my 
beautiful and talented Mackenzie Alexis!!
I love you sweet girl!  
And I can't wait to see what God has in store for your future!

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Elizabeth. said...

I'm so sorry this is late, but a very happy birthday to Mackenzie!! You are a gem + I pray you have a beautiful year, rejoicing in our Savior. (And, aww, your blog comment totally brightened my day! Thank you so much. :))