Monday, October 5, 2015

Multiple's Monday #4 - Two of Everything!

When I first found out that I was adopting twins, after I got over the excitement of it all, I started to make lists of all of the things we would need...TIMES TWO!

Baby Carriers

And some things that I would need three or four of....TIMES TWO!


And even some things I would need hundreds of....TIMES TWO!




At this point, with the boys already 3 years old, the things I need double of are more particular.  I still dress them the same....I know this won't last forever, so I do buy all clothing by twos.  This includes shoes, hats, jackets, swim suits, etc.

But I also have to buy two of every toy, ball, book, stuffed animal, cup, plate, spoons, crayons, coloring books, etc.!!

A few months ago I purchased a set of brightly colored plastic plates, bowls and cups from Ikea. They are so cute!  They came in red, blue, purple, green, orange & yellow!  My big mistake was in ordering only one set of these!  I can't tell you the screams and crying and tantrums thrown because both boys wanted the orange plat or the purple bowl!!  I now own 4 sets of each color...thank you Ikea!

When we go to McDonalds and order a Happy Meal, I always have to ask for 2 of the same toy!  It doesn't even matter that Beckham likes Spiderman better and Hudson likes Batman better...if one of them gets a toy, the other one wants the same one too!  It's just the way it is when you have two children who are so similar in their age and developmental stage.  I know there will be a time in the future when each of my sweet boys journeys out of his twins reach and becomes more independent. But for now I will cater to the needs of their shared desires.

They are my sweet and wonderful boys and they make our home so joyful!!

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