Friday, February 3, 2012

Ginger Envy

Did you know there is a name for people who love redheads? It's called Ginger Envy!

We found this out one day when we were at Subway getting lunch and Mackenzie noticed that everyone who worked there had red hair.

I thought maybe they were all from the same family or something, but we asked the gentleman who was making our sandwiches and he said, "No, the Manager just has Ginger Envy so he only hires redheads!"

Isn't that a hoot?!

I mean, I can see why someone would be drawn to that beautiful red hair

...that porcelain skin and those adorable freckles...

...and those dreamy blue eyes!

Yes, I've definitely got it...I've got Ginger Envy!

And it's oh so sweet!


GrammyK said...

I have it too!!! My best friend growing up had red hair and I've begged my sons to marry redheads so I can have me some redheaded grandkids!! Ha Ha!! I used to henna my hair red a lot but don't anymore. I miss the red. Hmmm... Maybe soon. ;-)

Cassandra said...

Your daughter is just gorgeous Maureen :-)
That is so funny about the Ginger envy, when I was little I hated my red hair , now I love it though. I keep hoping one of my kids will have red hair but so far they are all blonde.
Cassandra xx