Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Baby News!

So we had a pretty busy week, as I mentioned on my Homeschool Blog: Homeschooling Day by Day, Mackenzie went back to public school 2 weeks ago. It has been quiet here with just Katy and Ava Marie home with me.

The week goes by quickly now with school, and dance and lots of clients stopping by to drop off their tax information. I am still around 48 hours to get their tax returns back to them, but my calendar is filling up a lot for next week and I think there may be a bit of a bottle neck by the end of next week.

The girls have a big show next Sunday the 4th at Blue Valley High School for their dance school Miller Marley. It is called Dance the Mouse House and is a kind of a fund raiser for a big trip to Disney World. Not for my girls, they are not a part of the trip, this is their first year in one of their Show Groups, and so they will probably have to wait a bit for their turn. But the competition team and the older ShowBiz Group will be performing also so it will be a really good show.

So with all of this you would think that I had my hands pretty full, that I wouldn't be looking to take on anything else. But you would be wrong! I am always up for another baby!

So.....we got a call yesterday, it is for PPC, police protective custody for an itty bitty baby girl. Of course I said yes!! She is really cute, with wisps of light brown hair and big blue eyes. She is so tiny, I don't have a scale but I would say she is somewhere between 5 to 6 lbs. I have her in size Newborn and she is basically swimming in them. So sweet, we had to actually write up a schedule for the girls because they were fighting over her so much! (No playing tug of war I promise!)

I can not put pictures of her here, but take my word for it, she is sweetness from heaven. As usual I have no idea how long we will have her, most likely she will be gone on Monday as a Grandma or Auntie will probably come forward for her. But she is in good hands and we are all enjoying the moment...for as long as it lasts.

Isn't it funny how God knows exactly when you need something and just how much you can handle. I am so thankful that my Heavenly Father knows my heart and fills my arms with the sweetness of a new baby, even if only for a few days.

I am content.

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