Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Journey of Faith and Love

My family and I are starting on a new journey, one that is going to take months. Contemplating this journey has brought us together through so much prayer and discussion. This is a journey I never thought I'd actually take, one I had thought was not for me, but after all, I follow God and this is where he has led me.

We are adopting again! This time we are doing a private adoption. I will share what I can as we go, but there is a lot I will not talk about because this is not just my story, this story also belongs to others. There is a wonderful birth family and they live far away from us, so we are learning to communicate over a long distance. I am in awe of the woman who will give birth to my next children, she is so sweet and so giving. I pray for her every day, that she will always know our love and that her birth children will always know how much she loved them and wanted the best for them. heard me right...I said children. It's twins! And yes I am totally serious and thrilled!

We do not know if they are girls or boys yet, we have to wait another 10 weeks! To say the girls are excited and can not wait to find out is a total understatement!! Katy and Mackenzie spend many hours rearranging the furniture in different bedrooms to decide where their cribs will go. I keep telling them we have a way to go, but they want to be ready!

I continue to work my way through tax season, but occasionally I find myself wandering online over to Baby's R Us or Bye Bye Baby website! I know, I know, I really do have to wait until we know what the sex is, I have so much little girl stuff, but I have next to nothing for little boys. But it is so much fun just to look!!

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Roan said...

I am so happy about your upcoming adoption. Twins! How exciting. That is what I am praying for for my sister-in-law who is anxiously awaiting on the phone call from the adoption agency.

It is not raining here in Mississippi! It is about 80, and my kids have been swimming daily since Saturday.

Have a good day! :)