Friday, March 30, 2012

What's Happening This Week?!

Madyson's 2nd grade class had their Market Day at school on Thursday. The children have to create something and then bring at least 20 of those items to school to "sell" to the other children. They use classroom bucks, not real money so everyone has about the same amount to spend. They are supposed to use what they have around the house and not spend a lot of money making the items.

In the past we have spent a little bit more, because I really don't keep a lot of extra stuff around! We buy things to make a project, and when we are done we usually throw away the leftover stuff!! I know...I can hear all you craftsy, earth lovin', green-recycling-mamas out there cringing. And I am sorry, but I can not stand to have all that excess just sitting around!

When my son was little, I used to save everything, from picture scraps (The part of the picture after you crop it.) to fabric scraps to empty fruit baskets and cereal boxes to EVERY piece of artwork my little genius ever created!! And now I can tell you that I learned a whole lot about that...and the fact is that you will probably NEVER get around to using any of it. And you will eventually throw out almost all of those precious pieces of artwork. And keeping it around just makes it harder on you!

So, back to Market Day, we tossed around a bunch of ideas. Katy made hair scrunchies when she was in 2nd grade, Mackenzie made bookmarks. Madyson didn't like any of our ideas...she wanted to make cookies!
So Katy helped her make 40 Large M&M Cookies. They were so great! Mackenzie helped her bag them and tie the ribbon and Ava Marie put the finished product in a pretty pink basket. It was a fun little assembly line! Madyson even bought 6 of her own cookies so she could bring them home and share them with her sisters!
On Wednesday Katy went to our favorite African Hair Braiding Salon "Peace and Mercy" and had her hair done. Here she is at the start with all of her braids out. She is supposed to take them out every 3 months and then go a couple of weeks without them to let her hair have a break. But she doesn't like her hair short so I don't usually make her go more than a week without the braids.
Harper is getting so big! Here she is with Ava sharing her new doggy bed. She is just 6 months old and weighs 36 lbs. Most everyone who sees her comments on how big she will get. I keep thinking isn't she big enough already?!

Last week the girls had an extra day off after Spring Break week, and it was so beautiful, so we went to the zoo! We haven't been since we went to the San Diego Zoo 2 years ago! I bought a family pass while we were there so we will be sure to go back sooner. It was a really fun day and we had a blast walking around and looking at all of the animals. I think a lot of the animals were just as shocked as we were to have so much sunshine at this time of year!

Counting down to just a couple of weeks left for Tax Season! I will be so happy to see this one go as I am so busy with everything else. School has taken to the back burner so much that we need to get caught back up. Katy and I are planning a trip to go visit the birth mother of the twins! We will get to go to the doctor with her and we are praying that those precious little ones will cooperate and let us see what their gender is! We are excited for whatever we get!! But we want to get started on the nursery and we want to go all out pink or blue or a combination. I have found a lot of ideas on Pinterest!

We are also excited because we will be traveling to Charlotte, North Carolina where we have never been. I was in Raleigh, NC about 10 years ago for my cousins wedding, but that was it. I love North Carolina, it is so pretty and green. We will only be there for 3 days because I hate to be away from my other girls. When we come back for the birth of the twins at the end of the summer we will probably have to stay for 2 weeks. Depending on how long the paperwork takes and also the health of the babies. I am praying for their continued growth and the good health of the birth mommy. She is such a sweet little thing, and lately she is so fatigued. She is so wonderful to us and shares every little detail, we are so grateful for her choice to give life to these babies and to place them in our home and let us love them and make them part of our family.

Well, that is it for this past week. This weekend we are going to see Sleeping Beauty at Trilogy Cultural Arts Center. Can't wait, I saw some photos posted on Facebook and the costumes look awesome as usual! I also have a lot of clients heading over to pick up their tax returns. I love this time of year when so many are coming over. The weather is so nice and the kids are playing outside, so many friends, old and new stopping by to collect their returns and chatting on our front porch. Sometimes we have a line as one comes in to go over their return and then next few sit on the porch and get acquainted. Katy likes to make a pitcher of lemonade and we should probably have some more of those cookies ready!

Have a great weekend!

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