Saturday, March 3, 2012

And there she goes!

Our sweet little baby girl is gone. After court on Tuesday SRS came straight to the house, without even calling me, to pick her up and whisk her away! The two women who showed up just kind of stood there in my living room while I ran around picking up all of her things. I know I still have one of her blankets and a onesie, but they didn't give me any time to organize or even get things washed up!

Then I asked the gal if Baby was going straight to another foster home or a relative and she just stared at me...without saying anything. I know they can't give you too much information, but as I explained to her, I just wanted to know if she would need extra diapers and a bottle! I mean if she is going to Grandma's house, then I would hope that Grandma is prepared and has everything. If she is going to a foster home, I know it is nice when I get a baby dropped off without a lot of notice for them to have some diapers and formula so I have enough time to get them settled before I have to run off to the store to get things they will need.

So one of the women just said, "Oh we are just taking her back to our office for a while so you can just put all of the formula and diapers in the diaper bag!" Arghhh!

Anyhow, it was fun having her and we are ready for our next baby adventure. And let me say that we have one in the works that will be...well, I'll let you know about that sometime soon, when there is more to tell.

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