Thursday, June 27, 2013

April and May...

Okay, now I can throw a bunch of photos from April to get caught up!  April is always a busy month for me with tax season ending and musical productions for the girls, etc.

Mackenzie and Katy were cast in Pudge Ate a Prophet, about the whale that ate Jonah.  It was a really fun show and the girls were Ninevites.  Pretty but evil Ninevites I might add!

Madyson performed in her 3rd Grade Musical "Saturdays".  She had a fun time and everyone spent the week singing all the fun songs from that!
Below she is posing with her Music Teacher Ms. Selby and her BFF Gracie.

Beckham loves his morning Bananas and Rice cereal.  I don't have a picture of Hudson eating this because he eats it so fast!!  

We got the new Curriculum Box from Sonlight.  I spent a night checking it all in and then labeling the books with the correct color for Core G - the Eastern Hemisphere.  Then I asked Katy to take down her books from this past year and organize the new books.  While she was up there, on the step stool she pulled out one of the books to look at, and...she stood there on that stool for over an hour reading the book!  I will say that Sonlight has the most fantastic books!  We just love reading them, even my Public School kids read them!

Here are two very happy boys eating their lunch and drinking from their first sippy cups!  They seem to be happiest when you let them to it themselves!  Mr. Independents!

My Mom flew back into town at the beginning of May because I personally had a big milestone that she wanted to be here for...I graduated from college!  I originally went to college right after high school in 1979, but I really did not know what I wanted to study and it just didn't feel right, so I left to go to work, then I married and had Randy and thought off and on that I would return.  

  After I divorced Randy's Dad, I went back to college full-time, I worked very hard and spent the first 2 years at the Community College in San Diego and the transferred to the University of San Diego.  I spent almost 2 years there, but ended up leaving school my Senior year with just 6 classes left to finish.  It is a long story, but the main thing is that I was very tired of going to school, living with my parents and being a struggling single mother.  I wanted a good job, an apartment of my own and time to spend with my growing son!

  Fast forward to 2010 and my fast approaching 50th Birthday.  Yes, I said 50, even though I only feel like I am in my 30's!!  I was thinking about the whole age thing and how I had thought about going back to school when I was turning 40 and now here I was, 10 years later and I still had not finished.  I knew I didn't have to finish.  I mean I have a great career, I have never let that little piece of paper stop me.  But I don't really like to leave things unfinished...just not my style.  So I played a bit on the internet, found out that Baker University had a special program to finish in just under 2 years and called them.

   Just 2 weeks before my 50th Birthday I was sitting in class with 22 other people and we were on our way!  There are a lot of things that have happened to me in that 2 years, but nothing ever stopped me from going to class, doing my homework and knowing that I would not quit this time.  I do not regret putting it off, because the people I met in this class were so awesome.  We all stayed together the entire program and on May 11, 2013 at 1pm in the afternoon, we all walked together across that stage and accepted our diplomas!  It was one of the most exciting times in my life!  I couldn't believe that I had made it all the way through!  Big time proud!!
Here is my Team!  All wearing the Baker Orange & Blue!
(Which were also my high school colors, isn't that weird?)

Here I am in the middle of it all!  I just kept smiling!  And thinking, "I am really short!"

I am so glad my whole family could be with me that day!  Such a great celebration 30 years in the making!!

The first 3 rows are all my family & friends who came out to cheer me on!  I was definitely the graduate with the most children!

It's never too late to finish what you have started!

And I wasn't the only one in the family who graduated...Ava Marie is ready for Kindergarten now!!  She will miss her teachers Miss Christy and Miss Vickie very much.  They were so sweet and encouraging to her.

And she will also miss all of her friends from class.  Two of the children will go to the same school as Ava Marie, but most are going to be spread all over Olathe.  I am so glad we called this school in September to see if they had any openings, it has really made a big impact on her life!

The formal celebration was followed by lunch in the park and playing with sweet friends one last time!

Happy Spring!

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