Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Happy Sweet Sixteen!

On July 23rd my beautiful daughter Kathryn Suzanne turned 16 years old!  Wow!  What a milestone!
So of course, we had to have a party!!  Her sisters and I organized a Ladies Tea Party!  We invited 50 of her friends and their Moms and other ladies who had made a wonderful impression on Katy as she has been growing up!

We used this beautiful picture of her for her invitation!

Mackenzie helped me make all the food.

I just love that bouquet of flowers we picked up from Costco!

Everyone was excited to have a houseful of guests! 
(Though Beckham looks a little nervous!)
(So hard to get a good picture with everyone's eyes open!)

Sweet friends from church.

Some of Katy's friends from her Dance Studio.

Katy has known these sweet girls since Kindergarten!

Wonderful neighbors!

One of my best friends, and also a truly Godly influence on all of my girls!
We are so blessed to know so many lovely ladies!!
(Mackenzie was our photographer for the day, and she did a spectacular job!)

We were so blessed to have Katy & Madyson's Birth Mom join us for this monumental day!  She is a loving and wonderful woman who chose to put her children first!  I admire her so much!

More of Katy's birth family!  Her Aunt and cousins.  And the handsome young man in the burgandy shirt is Katy's younger brother.  He spends a lot of time with us and they have a great relationship!

The house was packed!  It was a very hot day and we could not really use the porch or the back patio!

But everyone seemed fine, these young ladies made a picnic on the floor!

One of the Mammas who attended said to me, "Wow!  Katy's friends are all so pretty!"  I agree!  And even more so on the inside!  Each one of them are the type of young women I am be proud to call my daughter's friend!  Katy is such a special girl.  She has such a big heart and is always so kind and upbeat!  She really does attract nice, sweet friends.

One thing about Katy, she doesn't really like cake!  Especially she doesn't like anything Chocolate!  She wanted an ice cream cake, but I knew it would be too hot for that.  So she told me to order whatever I wanted, so i ordered the most delicious Lemon Cake!!  Oh my!  

Before we cut the cake we said a prayer, thanking the Lord for our beautiful girl!
All of the ladies brought a Scripture verse for Katy and included them in their cards!
We are going to paint a big tree on the wall of her room and put the cards with the verses on her tree for encouragement in the years to come!

I just love this girl so much!!

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