Wednesday, September 16, 2015

How We Spent Our Summer Vacation - Part 1

Since I was kind of silent all summer I thought I would go over 
some of the awesome things we did to keep busy for the 
Summer of 2015!!

We really were VERY busy!  Even though we didn't go on any trips out of town, we still did sooo much!

We ended our school year on May 15th!  We celebrated the end of the school year by getting up really early and heading to the donut shop!

Mackenzie got up extra early in order to make Mommy's coffee 
and also Vanilla Steamers for everyone!

By this time in May, Katy had already begun rehearsals for Theater In The Park's production of THE WIZ!  She was really excited to be in this and was rehearsing Sundays through Thursdays in a local church basement!  They took Memorial Day weekend off, but then returned for Tech week out at the park!  They missed the last dress rehearsal, which was cancelled due to a Tornado Watch!

But Opening night on June 5th was awesome!

Dropping Katy off for opening night!

Dancing as one of the Corn!
She was also part of the Tornado, a Jitterbug, a Poppy, and one of Evilene's Slaves!

The show ran for 2 weeks, only missing one night due to weather!  One of the nights I was there, we had a really severe Thunderstorm Warning.  It looked like they would call the show at any moment!!  In the beginning of the show one of the characters says "Looks like a storm is coming."  And that night after he said his line the audience roared with laughter!  But in the end the clouds parted and by the time they sang, "Do You Feel A Brand New Day" you could actually see the moon and there was a beautiful breeze blowing!!  Katy said she could feel the audience energy up on the stage!!

   It was a really fun experience, but we were kind of glad to have our evenings back!  The next week we started what we now refer to as VBS: Times Two!  I had signed Madyson and Ava Marie up for VBS at our local church Harvest Bible Chapel which was Monday through Thursday from 9am to 12noon.  And it just so happened that my BFF Autumn had invited us to the VBS at her church which met Monday through Thursday from 6pm to 9pm....the same week!!  

   So the girls got up early each day and headed to VBS at Harvest, came home for lunch, went swimming, ate dinner, and then headed up to VBS at Legacy Church!  It was busy, but they had sooo much fun!!

First day of VBS Harvest was Crazy Sock Day!

Second day was Crazy Hair Day!
Mackenzie was too old to attend as a camper, but she volunteered to help!

I don't have pictures of any of the other days, but they had a great time!!

Week 2 and 3 of June Madyson and Ava Marie had swim lessons through the Olathe Parks and Rec Center.  We have been going to their swimming lessons for over five years!  Katy and Mackenzie finished a few years ago.  I like the girls to go through Level 5.  That really teaches a lot of strokes, diving and underwater swimming!  Level 6 starts into Junior Lifesaving Techniques.

Madyson is in Level 5.

I love that she can do the Butterfly so well!
She is so awesome in the water!

Ava Marie is in Level 4.

Love this girls sweet smile!

The last week of June Ava Marie attended a Princess Camp at Trilogy Cultural Arts.  She loved the singing and dancing and especially dressing up in her Elsa costume!

Obviously that was a popular choice!

She had three solos and really enjoyed holding that microphone!

My beautiful little actress!

Well, that's it for Part One!  Have a great Wednesday!

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