Monday, September 7, 2015

Multiples Monday #2

Let's face it, twins are fun!

They are kinda adorable, no matter what they are getting into!

They keep each other company.

They aren't always happy to share...but they seem to get over it pretty fast!

I think Hudson and Beckham are so lucky to have each other!

But as a parent of multiples, besides being excited to have them and getting to dress them in cute matching clothes!  (Which I know will not last forever!)

I also have to watch for their own personalities to develop.  I have to encourage independence and unity at the same time.  Just as I would if they were brothers born a year apart.

Hudson is a very strong personality.  He is extremely vocal if something is not going his way and will be a little forceful with his brother and the rest of us, if we have something that he wants!  I love his BIG personality!  I love that he says what he is thinking and is so excited by the world around him!  He tends to be the leader, and knows what he wants!

Beckham is soooo sweet!  He pays attention to everything!  He will notice what color you are wearing and even how many grapes you put on his plate! (As opposed to how many his brother has...must be equal!)  He is also the brother that will back down when Hudson wants to do something differently than Beckham does.  I have to watch carefully and use those moments as teaching moments for both of them.  It is fine to be a compliant person, the peacemaker.  But I do want Beckham to learn to stand up for himself, not by force, but by compromise.

The most fun thing about having twins is that there is just so much love between them and for the rest of us!!  When I tuck them in at night, I get 2 big hugs and kisses!
In the morning, you just can't miss those sweet little feet coming down the hall...especially the sound of 4 of them!!  It sometimes sounds like a herd of elephants heading down the hall towards my room!

I thank God every day for the opportunity to parent these two beautiful boys!

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