Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rainy days and Mondays...I love them!

Yesterday was a very rainy day and the kids last day of Spring Break. I had all kinds of ideas to keep them busy, but they ended up playing at our neighbors house across the street the entire day! I got lots of work done and I can't say I am not very pleased.

I hope the neighbor had as nice of a day! I looked across at her house at around 2pm and there were at least 7 bicycles in her driveway! Oh my, and my 4 had just walked over. In fact, they basically escaped from our house. They were sitting at the breakfast table and I stepped into my office just to check my emails, I'm sly like that. And when I came back out they were all gone!

Ava Marie even went over in her nightgown! But it turned out her little friend who lives there was in her jammies all day too. Whew! I wouldn't want them to think I encouraged playing in the house on a rainy day in your jammies...well, maybe that isn't such a bad idea!

Today is still raining, and we need it because the winter has been so mild. My grass is green and my trees are budding. It is beautiful to look at, but hard when you have to work and can not go out and play in all of the pretty weather.

I am dreaming of summer, lazier days, pool time, time to read books, fresh vegetables and lots of sunshine! I am really looking forward to this summer, I can hardly wait.

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The Mama said...

It's so nice to find another Jayhawk fan who has a big family :)