Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Faster than a speeding bullet...

  That is how fast this year is whirling by!  I closed my eyes for a moment and it is almost July!  How does that happen?

  I remember as a little girl it would take FOREVER to get to summer, and then summer would stretch on and on until my birthday would finally arrive in August, and then the last weeks of summer would crawl across our yard until we could finally go back to school to see our friends!

  Now it seems like you oversleep a few hours and you'll miss another year!

I have NOT been a good blogger this year...again...sorry.  But I take A LOT of pictures, so here is another one of my synopsis posts just to bring you up to speed.

March - The boys are rolling and playing and spending a lot more time awake.  Hudson is on the left and Beckham is on the right.

I am making my own baby food.  I wanted to write a whole post or even a series on this, but then I probably wouldn't have time to actually do it, so here are some pictures.  I made applesauce first, then pureed peas, sweet potatoes, and carrots.

Since my Mom lives in California, we Skype with her in the afternoons.  Here is Hudson having his one on one time with Grandma!  He has such a fun time and giggles for her when she makes funny faces.

And here is Hudson, Beckham and even Ava Marie lined up on the kitchen table so Grandma can see them and read them a story.  I think we are so lucky to live in a time when you can stay close to someone, even if they live 2,000 miles away!

MORE snow!

Brothers learning to love one another!  I really hope this is how they will always be!

Sisters making time for little brothers.  Every sister loves to spend time with the twins doing special things with them.

 And Big Brother too!
We celebrated my Mom's 72nd Birthday when she came out to visit.

And we celebrated Easter with 2 special little bunnies!  You know I will save this picture for their high school yearbooks! 

And that was March!

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Anonymous said...

Always great to read an update! I love the picture where the boys have their arms around each other. :)