Saturday, September 20, 2014

Homeschool Family Camp 2014 - Part 1

Oh my, how to write about a week that changed our families lives!  We just got back from Homeschool Family Camp at Village Creek Bible Camp in Lansing, Iowa!

It was incredible!

We started out on Saturday, driving from Kansas City to Des Moines, IA.  We didn't leave until 1pm, because some of the girls had rehearsals in the morning, and lets face it...I don't like to be rushed!

It took us a little over 3 hours and the boys were ready for a stop!

Nap time!

We stopped in West Des Moines at The Drury Inn, had a FREE dinner and swam for a little while.  Then we slept very well!

Next morning we were up at 7am, had a delicious FREE breakfast, and jumped in the car and drove out!  Of course we stopped at Starbucks for one last time!  (The camp did NOT serve Starbucks coffee!  Though it was good coffee and the pot was full all the time!)

I had never been up to the camp before, and so I did not go the fastest way there...AT.ALL!  We ended up driving east through Rapid City, IA which was about 2.5 hours and my maps said it was another 4.5 hours to the camp.  (Had I spoken to someone who knew the way, I could have gone another route, which we ended up taking on the way home and it would have only been 4 hours total from Des Moines to the camp!  Oh well, you live and you learn!)

We decided to stop in Rapid City as it was now 12 noon and everyone was hungry!  We got food at a local McDonald's and went to a park right next door to eat and play!  And what a park we found!!

Beckham loved climbing all over this structure!
(Which was the smaller of the 2 play structures!)

Hudson loved the slides!  There were 4 of them on this one structure alone!!

Even the big girls had fun playing and stretching their legs!

Afterward we got back in our van "Scout" and headed north to Lansing!  We had to stop a few more times because the directions I had downloaded from Google AND Mapquest were sooo crazy!!

But finally, just before 5:30pm we arrived!

This building is The Lodge where we stayed.  Our room was on the first floor to the left of Scout, parked right there to the right of the building!  (Blue van.)  Great access for the double stroller!

Awesome play area right across the road from us!  Ava Marie and the boys spent soo much time here!

The outside of the Dining Hall!  Dining on the right, kitchen on the left.  Those chairs on the left are around a nice fire pit, there are two of those and they were always lit in the evenings!  This was a really great place for us to gather with other families and talk after the evening services.  
(And they always had snacks for us in the evening!!)

This is the Gymnasium/Auditorium to the left of the Dining Hall.  We had all of the Chapel services and evening services in here.  And a LOT of volleyball was payed in here!!

Our room for the week.  It was very spacious, we had 1 full size bed for mom, and 4 bunk beds.  The boys used their pack-n-plays, so we actually had 4 unused beds!

Someone was unhappy about all of Mom's picture taking...can you guess who?

These two are happy almost all of the time!!

I'll end for today with a little one-on-one action!  There was a lot of this going on!!  Every morning they would get up and start shooting baskets!  Guess we are going to need one of these at our house pretty soon!

I'll post more about the camp and all the friends we made next time!

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