Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sewing Therapy and A New/Used Skirt for Katy

I love to sew!  I don't have a lot of time to sew anymore, but when I do it really makes me feel good.

Before we left for camp we went to a local thrift store called Savers and picked up some Denim Skirts to renew!  We look for really short skirts, but we also can use skirts of any length and then cut them off if needed.

After picking up some great skirts for everyone we went to the fabric store to look at some cute fabric!  Disclaimer:  If you know me, you are probably appalled at this last statement, because you know I already own every piece of fabric on the earth already!!  Unfortunately, my children feed my habit by saying they need to see if there is something at the fabric store that is new and prettier than what we already have....oohhhh shiny!

We found some really pretty coordinating fabrics and everyone agreed they wanted to use them, so the idea was that I would use the same fabrics but add them in different ways.

Katy's skirt was first since I usually start with the little girls first.  We decided to put 2 ruffles on it.

Finishing the bottom of the second ruffle.

We only got the one finished before we left.  Katy loved it and has worn it several times.

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