Sunday, December 28, 2014

New Beginnings

I love writing my blog, but I love reading other people's blogs better!  In fact I spend an inordinate amount of time window-shopping the internet (because, let's face it, I don't surf!) looking for blogs to read about all sorts of information!


I love to read about other people's families.  I love to see lots of pictures of kids, pets, relatives!  I love their stories and their fun!


Who can resist looking at baby pictures!  I especially love it when I find a blog of a new mom, and then I go back to the beginning, when she first found out she was pregnant!  I love to read all the stuff she thought it would be like and then read about what it really feels like to be a mom for the first time!  That never gets old!


Can you guess?  I love to eat, and I love to read about eating!  'Nuff said!


Is there anyone out there who doesn't like to look at pictures of House Tours?  I can not get enough of them!  I like to see before and after photos too!  Love, love, love those!!

Also give a shout out to Love Stories, Day in the Life posts, ANYTHING DIY!!!

So why does it seem that I don't really ever post anything like that on my blog?

I don't know either!  So I am getting ready to make a change!  Yes, folks, I am taking my blog out for it's own MAKEOVER!  Are you sitting down?

New Name!

New Ideas!

New Pictures!


I am going to add new tabs to the top of the least 5 new tabs!!!

So sit down, buckle up and enjoy the ride into 2015!!!

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