Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving Preparations

At our house we have a special way that we prepare for Thanksgiving.  We like to plan it all out and make it last a few days...not the food, the preparations!  My Mom flies out from San Diego, usually about a week in advance, but this year she didn't arrive until Monday night...so we had to start without her!

We start on Monday, or as we refer to it , Potato Day!

Everybody peels potatoes!  We peeled and cooked 20 lbs!

Then we make mashed potatoes and put half in plastic gallon bags to freeze for later!

Tuesday is Pie Day!

This is it...my only pie picture, I am not sure how I missed the pies.  And they were really good!  These are Homemade Apple Pies, with little hearts cut out of them!

Wednesday is Turkey Day when we cook the turkey!

Grandma is the Turkey expert!  And she even brought her own sewing kit to sew up the turkey after they stuffed it!

Sewed it right up!  And I have pictures!

Grandma was a great supervisor!  And Katy is really good at stuffing a turkey!  I am so happy that my girls are learning these things at such a young age.  I didn't learn to cook a turkey until I was 35 years old!!

Even Ava Marie was learning how to stuff the turkey!

Almost done!

Ava Marie is so proud of herself!

And who can resist a kiss from this fella?!  No he didn't get to stuff the turkey this year...but he is my little turkey!!  Kiss-kiss!

And here is the finished Turkey!  Wow!  This was such a juicy, moist turkey!  We removed the stuffing, carved the meat and put it all away for the next day!  Then I just put the meat in a 9 X 13 pan and fill it with broth and then cover with foil and put in a low heat oven for an hour, then it is ready to serve!

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