Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Week 2014

Merry Christmas to you all!!

What a fun week the Werner's had leading up to Christmas Day!

We got a bit of snow a couple of days before, but nothing stayed on the ground.

Beckham loved the snow, even though we could not find his gloves!

Hudson, not so much!  He kept his hands in his pockets and wouldn't touch the snow!

He came in to get warm, then I asked if he wanted to go back outside...NO!

They sure do love Santa Clause!

Grandma brought a Gingerbread House Kit for the kids to construct!  Unfortunately, not all of the parts made it through the plane ride in one piece!

Everyone still had a great time decorating it!

The roof was the main piece that did not survive, but the girls decorated it anyway and called it a puzzle!

All of our finished pieces!

We had a fun dinner with our McMullin relatives again this year!  It is so fun to be together with family and also to see how much little Kienan has grown!

We had lasagna!

And an awesome Ceasar Salad made by the girls!

Natalie made the best dessert!  It was a Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar on the bottom, then layered with Oreo Cookies, then covered with Brownie Mix and baked!  Oh, my heavens!  It was delicious!

The boys loved having their cousin Kienan over!  Can you believe that he is almost a year younger than them?!

After dinner we had an awesome dance party!  Beckham loves to show his moves on the dance floor!

We are a pretty happy bunch!

But where is Hudson?

He took advantage of everyone else being occupied with dancing, and climbed up onto the table to help himself to Ice Cream!
Caught you, cutie!

On Christmas Eve we celebrated Randy's 30th Birthday!  Oh my goodness, I can not believe the sweet baby boy who made me a Momma for the first time is all grown up!

Randy is not picky about what dessert we choose to celebrate with, so we picked this giant Apple Pie!

Hudson just wanted to make sure it was ready!

And here is everyone right before I sent them up to bed!  Randy and my Mom and I still had lots to wrap and assemble!!

Merry Christmas Eve!

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